Meet the Team!

We're a small, professional and friendly team based in New York, USA & Riga, Latvia. All of us are taken with YouSayToo and the idea of a community where bloggers, journalists and readers can voice their opinions and be heard. We work hard to bring you the best services possible and we are no strangers to fun after a good day’s work.

  • Dmitrijs David Kononovs

    Dmitrijs David Kononovs

    Co-founder & CEO

    David has been the driving force behind the team from day one. Even before YouSayToo, David has always had a calling for entrepreneurship and a natural knack for leadership and negotiations. His ability to see things from another perspective and ask all the right questions has always kept us moving in the right direction. Naturally, being a CEO does not exclude David from all the pranks we pull at the office and we’re thankful for his sense of humor.

  • Julia Adoms

    Julia Adoms

    Co-founder & COO

    Julia is the most energetic and outgoing member of the team. She co-founded YouSayToo with David and has contributed a lot of heart to development and growth from the very beginning. She always sees the big picture and is able to see opportunity even in the most seemingly unimportant ideas or trends and ways to use them to our advantage.

  • Andrey Korolyov

    Andrey Korolyov


    Every piece of website design and user interface that you love starts here. With a deep sense for web design and more than 8 years of experience, Andrey has all the skills to make a website design look great and be intuitively understandable at the same time. He always says: ”It's one thing to show off Photoshop skills, another to make the website design intuitively understandable”.

  • Konstantin Sinitsin

    Konstantin Sinitsin

    Community Manager

    Ever wonder where your tickets and submitted questions go to? Well, wonder no more. Meet Konstantin, our friendly community manager. He's the guy who listens to you and based on your feedback rolls out suggestions and ideas on what improvements we should do next. He’s also in charge of YouSayToo’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

  • Anthony Dmitriyev

    Anthony Dmitriyev

    Chief Technical Officer

    Anthony is a Ruby on Rails evangelist and sets the standard for all website code. Thanks to his hard work and dedication YouSayToo's code is so clean you can eat off it. He also brings the team up to speed with all the latest coding methods so YouSayToo would continue to run as smoothly and efficiently as a German train schedule.

  • Sergey Margaritov Sergey Margaritov

    Sergey Margaritov

    Front-end Developer

    Sergey is a very productive member of the team with a passion for code. When it comes to front-end development, there’s no problem he can’t solve. He’s our very own code whisperer. But he is not all work, Sergey is a real party guy. We don’t know how he does it but he can work all day, party all night and still be the first one at the office the next day.

  • Bill Sobel

    Bill Sobel

    Business Development Officer / Chief Connector

    According to “To know Bill Sobel is to be part of an interconnected world of endless opportunity” and as we found out this quote is very accurate. Bill knows literary EVERYONE, which has been invaluable for us. Through him we’ve met a lot of great people, pioneers in their fields and organized events all over New York.